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Marilyn McCoo singing Dorothea's
"Love's Lines, Angles And Rhymes"

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Testimonials for
Dorothea Joyce in Concert
Advocating World Peace Through Inner Peace
(The Rebirth of The Earth & The New Divine Human)

You could have heard a pin drop in the theatre as Dorothea delivered her full creative potential to the audience.  What passion and insight, such a delight to see.  I was riveted to hear the next enlightening line come out of her mouth as she BECAME each and every word that she sang.  Dorothea is really a world class performer/musician/artist/writer; so many incredible talents in one amazing woman. 
Aine Carlyle, - San Francisco, CA

Dorothea Joyce facilitates a unified field of Grace and Presence in her performances that joyfully aligns the audience with her. Her music, lyrics and open, gracious heart then lift and carry everyone on an enchanted and inspirational ride of light, color and sound. Dorothea's skilled, powerful and yet angelic voice will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire performance!
Beloved Heartsong,
Co-Director of the LaHo-Chi Energy Healing Institute
Singer/Songwriter - Mt. Shasta, CA

Dorothea's concerts are a feast for the heart, an opportunity to heal your inner child, with the gift of trust that she will take you on a very safe journey. The sanctuary of peace that her vocals, spoken word, and video projection creates allows audience members to drift in and out of the mundane, and step into a magical world of playful transformation.
Grael Corsini
Owner of The Flying Lotus Performance Space
Mt. Shasta, CA

The way in which Dorothea wove the different artistic modalities into an audience participation experience was wonderful. I was waiting for the next one. The way in which she expresses her vulnerability, was touching and gave a human element to an experience that was Heaven Sent.
 Melinda Amera, CA

"Dorothea calls into life the joy of being through sounds! One must experience the upliftment of these sacred sounds to know that this is where humanity now does journey!
Mary Saint-Marie, CA
mystic artist, writer, spiritual educator

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Beyond the Entertainment Industry
Dorothea Joyce interviewed by Sonia Barrett
Sovereign Mind Radio


Sovereign Mind Radio - May 27, 2009


"This is an excellent interview. You are a wonderful speaker, and clear! I loved hearing about your early history in the music business and how you cut through the glamors. When you talked about how you take your audience on the Giant guided meditation, it made me think about how you put our meditation group together in NYC. I remember when Kev and I first encountered you through the meditation you led at The Songwriter's Guild and how you showed us how to connect to spirit to enhance our creativity. You truly do walk in two worlds. What you create is extraordinary and blessed. What you have to say is important and needs the widest audience possible. I was inspired by it."
Debra Nance, NYC & Ecuador
The Wall & Madison Vision-Ecuador

"I concur with her thoughts!!!"
Entertainment Consultant & Casting Consultant - A Stars Production

From Earthgate To Heartgate
Enter a new paradigm of Consciousness
A new book by Dorothea Joyce

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Enter a new paradigm of Consciousness that is presently reBirthing A New Earth and a New Divine Human Spirit. Yhi, an Aborigine Wise woman, acts as a mid-wife on how to Co-Create, with Mother Earth, a global society of beauty, purpose, and joy during this time of accelerated change. To BEcome Awake in the Dream, is to realize how to use the extrasensory given to all of us from birth.

BEing 'In' Creation
To Love your Self
Find the Seed within

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"BEing 'In' Creation is a joyful fantasy for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment. Dorothea's real poetic genius lies in conveying the simplest truths to the reader, such as going within to find yourself. Dorothea's creative use of art as a metaphor for creation is both charming and profound."
- Tracy Hussman, Writer & Editor

"Extraordinary, Timely and Thoroughly Enjoyable! Ms. Joyce carries her readers effortlessly on an amazing "Cosmic" journey through the "Inner Self" and into magical "Higher" realms that expand FAR beyond our known reality. Her vision, both refreshing and insightful, brings a message that is playful, nurturing and filled with profound Spiritual Truth. Every page seems to lovingly inspire and awaken all of us to WHO we really are and where we are going".
- Rachaell Saan-Ma, Visionary Musician and Transformational Facilitator

BEing 'In' Creation guides you to the place where the Birth of any Creation begins…and that is within you… through the portal of your inner-Self. Your journey begins by imagining what it would be like to close your eyes to enter 'inner-space,' traveling through the Light Realms to a place called 'Electro-land.' Discover the 'Paint' we use to Create any-thing, which begins with connecting to the Breath that Breathes you. This Breath is the Source of your 'Bubble of Light,' the auric field surrounding and penetrating the systems of your body. Your physical temple houses the spirit that is Birthing It's-Self through your human form. And what if, from birth, an Intelligence, so vast, is looking at Its-Self through your eyes? Maybe living on the earth is an opportunity for all of us to rediscover the true nature of Love as a state of BEing.
This book illustrates how any change in the outside world begins with how we relate to ourselves, first. Many Blessings on your Journey! - Dorothea Joyce (Lyria Kyri Ma)

Graphic Designer: Ron Cooper
Cover Artist: Dorothea Joyce

We Are the Miracle

A CD Meditation Series to
"Awaken Your Natural Genius"
CD Companion to the Book!

Listen to a montage sample of this CD

We Are the Miracle CD - $15

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To Love your Self
Find the Seed within

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BEing (Birthing Empowering Imaginative Narrative Gems)
for Ageless Children of
The Golden Age of Peace on Earth

These stories offer creative paradigms for open-communication between friends and families, and support young children in keeping their extrasensory abilities and imaginations alive! As a part of our evolving nature, this work supports us in BEcoming 'The New Divine Human,' living in harmony as a global family, whether in our homes or with our neighbors. This book is a wonderful gift for friends, families, and varied educational groups.
Graphic Designer: Ron Cooper
Cover Artist: Dorothea Joyce

"Dorothea Joyce's latest book, "BEing," gives the gift of sunshine to the Children of the New Earth. It is filled with wonder, questions and musings as seen from the Eternal Child within all of us. Dorothea is the consummate cultural creative - musician, author and artist - she is a gift to us all in her own BEing."
Tricia Buffandeau, Hawaii

"Once in a while someone comes along who can see into your thoughts...your deep thoughts. Things you wonder about. How do these things happen? And why? Some of your deepest experiences can be expressed by another. You know the one...that you never share with others. Dorothea Joyce's stories for children do just that! Dorothea has delved back into her own childhood memories to share with you, the reader, these experiences. She will amaze you and enlighten you with her memories. Dorothea reaches out to teach you, that you can really know what it is to be truly alive by acknowledging all these happenings in your own life. Come share with her on this journey of stories, laughing with joy and crying with happiness as you discover the "secret world" within the world." - Gae A Peterson, Australia

"Dorothea's book speaks to and awakens the creative genius within all of us. In our fast paced lives filled with overstimulation from life and the media, this is the kind of work that develops and opens the minds of our children, directs them to the rich world within them, and helps adults remember that the fullness of their Spirit is alive and accessible!"
- Beloved, CA - Parent, Composer, Energy Healing Instructor and Practitioner

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A Sound Healing CD

Weaving the Inner-Worlds

Artist and Graphics: Ron Cooper

"Dorothea has an unusual and enchanting way of expressing her love of being through the beauty of her music and her voice. Her musical style to me is a very unique form of new age music."
- Julia Anderson, Auckland, New Zealand

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Telepathic Sound Healing

In the Spirit of the Journey
a sample from Soundivinity
Listen with headphones for full effect

Instrumental Compositions,
Songs, Arrangements &
Sound Healing Channeled (SH)
and Performed by
Dorothea Joyce

Producers: Dorothea Joyce,
Ted Hughes (DR)
Computer Tech and Engineering:
Tim Gray
A. Muse Productions

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Dorothea Joyce's DVD

Power Through the Heart
click to view the preview

a Seminar in Concert

a Path from Inner Peace to World Peace

A Winner in the
COVR Visionary Awards

plus shipping

Film maker: Akira Wing
Computer Graphic Designs and Art Layouts: Bob Wagner
Choreographer: Joan Lucas

visit the artist's gallery
for the artists featured in the
Power Through the Heart DVD

Preview of Dorothea Joyce's

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Dolphins DVD

"I found my heart chakra opening
so wide as I watched this film.
It really took my breathe away."
Gae.A.Peterson, Austrailia
Author: The Rainbow Children

The Peaceful Presence of Dolphins at Play
Communing in Harmony, Peace and Joy
Dolphins in the Womb of Mother Earth
Produced by Dorothea Joyce
Videography by Lisa Denning

Instrumental and Sound Healing
Vocal-Toning Musical Underscore:
written and performed by Dorothea Joyce.
Buy the full quality DVD version!
An ideal short video for use
at any meditation gathering.

Low Resolution Dolphins DVD Sample

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Inner Awakening DVD
An Inner Perspective Seminar in Concert

click here for
Inner Awakening DVD preview

cover art by Eostar

plus shipping

An Inner Perspective
Seminar in Concert

A Seminar in Concert to Celebrate
The Rebirth of the Earth and
The New Human Spirit

produced, written, composed and performed by
Dorothea Joyce

Head Videographer:
John Cummings, Mt. Shasta, CA.

Guest Artist:
Songwriter & Performing Artist: Gentle Thunder

Sound Engineering:
Sahadev - Blue Skies Unlimited - Mt. Shasta, CA.

Earth Dance:
Videographers: Akira Wing & John Cummings
Sound: Sahadev of Blue Skies Unlimited
The Flying Lotus Performance Center, Mt. Shasta, CA.

Dolphins in the Womb of Mother Earth
Videographer: Lisa Denning, Kona, HI.

Love's Lines Angles & Rhymes
Art work: Eostar
Videographer: John Cummings

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We Can All Be Free music CD

cover art - detail from
Intentional Light Transmission
by Marlis Jermutus

Incredibly rich soulful voice, beautiful lyrics, wonderful original music! Dorothea Joyce has a hit with We Can All Be Free!
Abby Moran, Headhunter, NYC

click to hear samples,
buy the CD,
or download Mp3s

Featuring Dorothea's
Grammy award-winning song
Loves Lines Angles & Rhymes

We Can All Be Free
Wake Up
One Song for Humankind
Love Is Within You
Feel the Soul of Humanity
Loves Lines Angles & Rhymes

Dorothea has that special genius to touch one's soul like a calming angel.
Lee Kweller, Award winning songwriter, NYC

The lyrics resonate with the concepts behind the expansion of consciousness. Its message is for the world.
Sue A Frink, CA

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for your personal meditation . . .

Everyone has an original DNA design, or blueprint.
I can compose an audio portrait of your original design -
a compositional 'Self Portrait' with orchestration and my voice (used as an instrument), to weave threads into the texture of your soul's blueprint, or to clear outmoded energies that no longer serve you.

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created with ORCHESTRATION and VOICE

This involves a one hour consultation
followed by the creation of the recording
reproduced onto an audio CD.

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Dorothea Joyce's Visionary Consulting Sessions
Online Mentoring

Click here to begin a Free initial e-mail consultation
In your e-mail, tell Dorothea:
"What condition, or clarity on an issue do you want to address,
and what do you hope to receive?"

Dorothea offers in-person, phone or e-mail sessions.
For your convenience, you may pay for sessions using PayPal.

One Hour Session Charge - $150

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Testimonials from Clients

Testimony of Cure Spiritual Shift and Integration
"To receive a healing by Dorothea Joyce is a unique experience as she is truly one of a kind in her field. I have experienced her extraordinary gifts on many occasions, where she was able to traverse realms that I didn't even know existed. On one such occasion, she greatly assisted me by helping to integrate a very complex and highly unusual Soul Fragment that no other healer was even able to detect. Her abilities and talents are indeed far-reaching and wide; she seems to embody the Cosmic realms so easily that it is obviously second nature to her. I am extremely grateful for her assistance and recognize her, without question, as a masterful and powerful healer."
Rachaell Saan-Ma, Teacher of Sacred Tantric Dance, Healer Songwriter & Recording Artist March, 2004

Group Facilitation
"As a participant in Dorothea's "Co-Creation Through Self Love" event, I experienced a deep sense of community. I sensed that the event sparked a common thread among both participants and audience...and initiated real sharing among the Mount Shasta community. The event provided a safe place, among friends, to be vulnerable and open. It was exciting to share intimate values in this kind of setting!"
Sherry Ackerman, 2003 Educator, Healer, Artist

"I remembered my voice and the excitement of sharing experiences while releasing fear and uncertainty about myself. Now more than ever it is apparent that we are no longer living in the shadow of our past separateness and isolation. We are the web stronger and more intricate by the second. Thank you, Dorothea, for bringing us together to share."
Brenda, Restaurant Head Chef & Manager

"A group of us came together to create and express ourselves authentically. Participation in the Co-Creation event challenged me to quicken the pace of my daily process--to formulate my daily contemplations into a more cohesive whole that could be presented to an audience of humans. My normal audience being Nature, the trees, the sky and wind. I have begun to realize that within each heart is held a memory of the simplist and most powerful concepts/truths of existence, and I believe the most empowering act we can do is to speak those truths. It is through our words that we create our reality. This event brought a quickening to my process. Thank you for asking me to participate."
A.J. Witken, Writer - Lecturer

Testimony of Cure -
Rheumatoid Arthritis

"As a result of clearing my issues around control and rigidity, I was cured from Rheumatoid Arthritis after doctors could do nothing for my condition. The curvature in my spine was corrected through Advanced Energy Healing."
N.B., New Jersey, Music Producer, Advertising Industry

Testimony of Cure Carpel Tunnel
"I was experiencing pain as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, it got to a point that the pain was so severe it would keep me awake all night. The doctors were telling me I needed to have surgery. After a healing with Dorothea Joyce my condition was completely healed. The healing was over 3 months ago and I have had no recurrence of pain whatsoever....thank you Dorothea!!"
M.S. from Mount Shasta

Childbirth: Sound and Energy Healing
"Dorothea's sound and energy work particularly helped me during the transition stage of labor. The nurses were uplifted by the music chosen and wanted to know more about energy and sound work. Her use of tuning forks, crystal sound bowls, music, aroma therapy & reflexology was very soothing. My doctor said to Dorothea, "When I have my next baby I want you in the delivery room." Her presence was skilled, sensitive, uplifting and supportive."
Gina & Andrew Eggleton, Michigan

Testimony of Cure Chronic Throat Condition
"Advanced Energy Healing cleared up a chronic throat infection. I had already had antibiotics and herbal remedies, none of which worked. The deeper issue was feeling safe to speak my truth to my parents. When I started to express myself, the condition cleared without any outside substances."
A.T., student, Columbia University, New York City

Testimony of Cure Cancellation of Ear Surgery
"The doctors were going to do an exploratory of my ear canal. When Dorothea facilitated energy healing, the cause of my ear problem was blocking the sound of my father's angry voice, and now my husband's stubborn posture in our marriage. When I saw how my own way of controlling the situation was to block out their voices, I was able to express my anger without guilt. With the release of emotion came a warm fluid in my ear. I went to the doctor and the condition was completely healed. The surgery was cancelled."
S., Manager, CA

Cancellation of Tonsillectomy: Music Therapy & Energy Work
"My 8 year old daughter had a chronic adenoid condition. Music Therapy & Energy Healing helped my daughter to release her rage. Her surgery was cancelled."
S.K., Parent, NYC

Health Professional
"Doing breath and sound work was truly profound for me. It deepened my awareness of how to use my clairvoyant skills responsibly."
T.M., Educator/Massage Therapist, MD./NYC

Corporate CEO Phone Coaching
"Dorothea helped me to become more honest in my communication with my partner and people at work. It's not like I am one person at home and another at work. Now I am who I am wherever I go."
C., Boston, Ma

Professional Music Career Coaching
"Dorothea's track record has given her the credentials to be regarded as a respected musician & performer in the NYC music industry. She coached my daughter in singing & acting to prep her for entrance into The School for The Performing Arts."
A. Erhold, BMI Vice President

Media Professional Telephone Coaching
"Through the relationship program, I learned what I wanted, and how to get along better with people at the news."
Journalist, The Detroit News, MI

How to Create a Win-Win Situation: Coaching
"I worked for a prominent news syndication in NYC. I wrote a controversial article, comparing the practices of allopathic & Chinese medicine. My boss was going to edit my work with a more sensational approach. I felt my integrity was on the line. Dorothea coached me in how to create a win-win for him and for me. I won an industry award for the article."

A.Muse Large Group Events
"Each event has a theme. Dorothea asks questions to guide participants in thinking, and creating their self expression within the model presented to them. Through the event, "Co-Creation Through Self Love," I experienced standing in front of people and expressing myself honestly. I will never be afraid of being who I am again."
L. from CA

"In one event I received the opportunity to be in the moment with what I chose to share. To be seen and heard, as a work in progress, was truly empowering for me."
K. from CA

"Bringing people of different backgrounds together to co-create an event using an underlying theme was like a workshop. It was a way for bridging our differences within the community, and a way to see if we could extend ourselves to one another beyond our comfort zones. It got me thinking much deeper about how honest I am with myself."
D. from CA

"I wish my parents would do this."
College Student, CA



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