Artist's Gallery
Artists featured in the DVD
Power Through the Heart

Intentional Light Transmission

60" x 35"
from the series Joy for Peace (2002 - 2003)
artist: Marlis Jermutus
"internationally acclaimed German artist"
painting featured on the cover of Dorothea Joyce's CD
We Can All Be Free

The Buddah Goddess Painting
artist: Mary Ma McChrist

Eye Over Mt. Shasta
artist: Bob Wagner (Bobo)
Mt. Shasta, California

Earth Goddess Painting
artist: Ellen Nieves

artist: Kenji Kumara
photographer - Seattle, WA
425.743.3803 - e-mail

Earth Figure
artist: Linda Solomon
Linda Solomon Associates, Photographer

The Temple of Ecstasy
60" x 36"
from the series
Nature Spirits (1996-2000)
artist: Marlis Jermutus

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