Power Through the Heart DVD
Artist's Gallery

Scott Ercoliani's IGetRealTV
and the IGetRealTV YouTube channel

Rare Images

black & white photography on this website by
Lani Phillips of Rare Images

Akira Wing

composer and film maker

Bob Wagner

computer artist

Marlis Jermutus
"internationally acclaimed German artist"
a caligraphy of the heart and mind united, drawn in a language of color and form that easily expresses both chaos and geometry

Read a short quote about the art of Marlis Jermutus!

Gae A. Peterson

Author: The Story Teller
To order ring: 1-800-834-1803
Also Author: The Rainbow Children.

Mary Ma McChrist

spiritual teacher, artist, author and occasionally healer

Ellen Nieves

"the poetic picturing of my relationship with the natural world"

Joan Ocean
Dolphin Connection


innerspace music


Conscious Channel/Life Coach
Energetic Healing Instructor
Sacred Tantric Dance - Singer/Songwriter
Personal Musical Heartsongs - Sacred Journeys

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