Performer - Producer -Healer
Award Winning Song Writer

Drawing from her professional experience in the arts
and her training in alternative health modalities,
Dorothea offers concerts, workshops, lectures
and individual & group counseling.

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For recording artists, advertising & film projects

Marketing ideas, producing music,
conceptualizing & packaging product ideas
for publishing and media projects.
See: Celestial Highways Productions

Through Celestial Highways Productions, Dorothea offers personal training in how to create, manifest, and package one's ideas. Dorothea helps clients remove creative blocks
through Energy Healing.

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Personal Resumé


2013 to 2015

Dorothea has completed a trilogy of books to be targeted as
"A Visionary Holographic Concept for the world of full-length animation."


The Deeper WithIN you go,
the further OUT you can travel...

1. BEing 'In' CREATION
Travel the Inner Worlds of the Heart, Mind, and Body to Discover "The Secrets WithIN.'

2. BEing (Birthing Empowering Imaginative Narrative Gems for the Ageless children of The Golden Age) The New Earth Education for an Emerging New World Paradigm - 39 Vignettes introducing concepts now shaping collective consciousness. After each offering, a Gem Journal presents questions and creative projects for parents, children, and educators.

3. FROM EARTHGATE TO HEARTGATE Everything we see around us was Created by a Seed of a thought, an idea, or a Dream that someone Created from withIN.

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2010 to 2012

Soundivinity CD View on Market Page
Sound Healing that weaves the inner worlds to bring dissonance into harmony.

Book: BEing 'In' CREATION View on Market Page
A travelogue guiding one into inner travel; first the heart mind and body as realms leading to a second journey that offers a map to traveling the inner worlds and†expanding one's consciousness.


Book: BEing (Birthing Empowering Imaginative Narratives) for Ageless Children of the Golden Age
View on Market Page

A Greeting Card Collection called BEing 'In' CREATION

A presenter in "The Prophecy, New Science and the Days to Come" Conference: July, 2008 - Mt. Shasta, CA. with Performance excerpts from "A Seminar in Concert for Inner Peace."

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2008 to 2010

Dolphins: DVD View on Market Page
Producer, Writer, Performer for Dolphins, DVD.
The Peaceful Presence of Dolphins at Play Communing in Harmony, Peace and Joy. Produced by Dorothea Joyce. Videography by Lisa Denning. Instrumental and vocal toning musical underscore: written and performed by Dorothea Joyce.
Dolphins DVD on Market Page

Inner Awakening: DVD View on Market Page
A Seminar in Concert to Celebrate The Rebirth of the Earth and The New Human Spirit produced, written, composed and performed by Dorothea Joyce.
Inner Awakening DVD on Market Page
Earth Dance: Videographers: Akira Wing & John Cummings Sound: Sahadev of Blue Skies Unlimited The Flying Lotus Performance Center, Mt. Shasta, CA.
Dolphins in the Womb of Mother Earth Videographer: Lisa Denning, Kona, HI.
Love's Lines Angles & Rhymes Art work: Eostar Videographer: John Cummings Guest Artist: Gentle Thunder

Power Through The Heart: CD/DVD
View on Market Page
Creator, Writer, Performer as a Musical Ambassador of Good Will promoting world peace through inner peace with the integration of music, dance, visual arts, computer graphic design and video.
- Duties: writer/performer/producer.
- Role in DVD: producer, writer, songwriter, writer of instrumental music, arranger, & performer, and coordinator of talent & publisher of songs through Oliver's Tunes (ASCAP). Dorothea conceptualized the visuals for each song and worked on that implementation with film maker Akira Wing
- Video Monologues from the DVD are excerpts from Dorothea's new book in progress called, "BEing In Creation."
- Power Through the Heart is a promotional vehicle developed to market the video-vision to organizations to present as part of their event, and to market songs to established recording artists.


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2001 to 2007

A. Muse Productions
Dorothea Joyce is the Founder and Executive Director of A. Muse Productions, a production company that produces and packages books/CD's, and mass marketing media projects that raise human awareness and planetary consciousness through the arts.

Harmony Happens - September, 2005
A. Muse Productins launches and supports an advertising campaign for a new spa franchise called Harmony Happens. Dorothea of A. Muse Productions created the marriage of music and copy to promote Harmony Happens into a media T.V. and radio commercial marketing campaign and to promote other uses of the music for unique product promotion.
- Duties: Conceived, produced, arranged and performed the 15, 30 and 60 second commercials and marketing concept.
The commercial hook emphasizes the company name:
Harmony Happens when we come to you . . .

use the audio controller below
to hear the audio commercial
Harmony Happens

Concept for campaign copy:
Bring the "The Dream Team" of licensed holistic professionals into the comfort of your home for skin and body therapies that nurture you to make Harmony Happen.

The Fairy Project-Three CDs
"Songs & Stories of The Fairy Godmother" (Vol.1 & 2), & "Songs of The Fairy Godmother" created by Raylene Abbot.
Dorothea's role: Guided the manifestation of the project; produced & arranged the underscore music & performed the sung vocal overdubs; coached artists' voiceover performances for storytelling; created a marketing plan & a product development section for buyers from the character-lineup of Raylene's channeled book for cross-marketing into TV, film, media, & doll and children's clothes design.

The Mendor Series
A five book self-esteem children's series with music.
Dorothea Joyce: project conceptualist, co-writer of the books, composer of songs & music.
Bernie Zaccaro: co-writer/lyricist, & marketing development.




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1980's to 1990's

DJ Productions
A music production company for commercials: film scoring, songs/music publishing & records.

Inside Eyes
Lincoln Center Group Concert: Songwriter & Performer. NYC.

Commercial Instrumental release: Headstart Records, #6 Jazz charts.
Duties: Co-writer/co-producer with Chris Howard and & Skylar. NYC.

Joyce-Rae Productions
A commercial music production house for musical signatures for advertising, and songs for film, television, and radio.
Partner; Sheilah Rae. NYC.
Duties: Contracted and produced recording sessions, wrote the songs & commercial music, negotiated contracts & fees, vocally performed the music, and contracted and cast singers. NYC.

Advertising accounts
Time, People Magazine, Manhattan Hanover Trust Bank, Doritos, Beechnut Baby Food, Laire du Temps Perfume, among others.
Duties: writer, singer, music producer, coordinator of sessions, contracted musicians, negotiated fees, strategized PR, wrote articles for magazines and newspapers, wrote/performed music.

Jingle Belles
A television pilot.
Dorothea Joyce: co-creator of the pilot concept and composer of the songs & music.
Sheilah Rae: Co-creator of pilot concept and lyricist.




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1970's NYC

Freelance Jingle & Song Writer
for television and radio commercials
Hired by: MZH, Advertunes, No Soap Radio, & other independent music production companies. Accounts: Easy Off Oven Cleaner, L'aire Du Temps Perfume (Clio winner), Rolling Stone, The Kodak Disc Camera, Burger King, Club Med, McDonald's, Lipton Tea, Eastern Airlines, Champale, Hartz Mountain, and others.

Staff Songwriter
3 year songwriting contract with CBS: April Blackwood Music Publishing Company. April Blackwood has merged with EMI Music Publishing Company (NYC, CA).

Gold Record - Love's Lines, Angles & Rhymes
Written by Dorothea Joyce. Recorded by The Fifth Dimension. Published by April-Blackwood Music Publishing (ASCAP), now EMI publishing.

Other Song Copyrights

- Let's Have The Morning After
Music by Michael Leonard
Lyrics by Dorothea Joyce
Recorded by Astrid Gilberto
and Andre Costelanez.

- Jeremy
Music by Lee Holdridge
Lyrics by Dorothea Joyce
Recorded for film soundtrack

Mourning Pictures:
Lead Broadway Singing Role in a play.
(The Shubert Theater)

Enlightenment (LP recording):
Songwriter/Singer on Evolution Records.
Producer: Lee Holdridge.

NY Cabaret Circuit:
Performed with Robert Klein, Bette Midler, plus others.

1973 Bee Gees Tour (opening act):
Masonic Temple - Detroit, Michigan

A Woman Now: One Woman Concert

Music & Lyrics written and performed by Dorothea Joyce.
(Off Broadway Theater: The Play Factor)

Apple Pie:
Lead Singing Role in musical (Joseph Papp Public Theater).


Gold Record:
Loves Lines, Angles & Rhymes
(Penned for the group: The Fifth Dimension)

Clio: L'aire Du Temps Perfume:
(Penned for advertising: Nina Ricci )

Best song: Film-Jeremy:
(Cannes Film Festival Winner).
Lyric writer for music composed by Lee Holdridge.)

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Grammy Award Host NYC -1992
Organized celebrities to go into the New York City schools to lecture about career possibilities in the music business.

The Songwriters Guild Of America
1991-1996: Elected to The Board of Governors.

Critiqued songwriting and performance workshops:
Invited music industry professionals as guest speakers, and to hear works of songwriters.
Member of the following Unions


Member of the Following Unions




Bloomington, Indiana, BM: Piano/Voice.

Detroit, Michigan, BS in Music Education.

New York, N.Y., M.A. Music Therapy, CMT.

Sedona, Arizona, Degree in Advanced Energy Healing (Energy Medicine),
facilitated by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D.,The School of Energy Mastery.

Boulder, Colorado, Certified in Toning (Sound Healing)
Facilitator: Renound Sound Healer & author of The Mozart Effect, Don Campbell.

Boulder, Colorado, Transformational Breathwork Facilitator.
Facilitators: Drs. Tom & Caron Goode.

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