A. Muse Productions
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A. Muse Productions
heart centered artistic enterprises and progressive holistic education that supports the growth and awakened creative genius of adults and children living in a world of accelerated change

A. Muse offers communication through the arts. Purchase Power Through the Heart, a DVD that advocates creating world peace through inner peace. This DVD engages the viewer to remember the sacred essence of all forms of life on planet Earth.

A. Muse develops children's book projects that include mass marketing product lines that support keeping the imagination & inner spirit of children awake. The content of the works offer progressive education to families with the intention of bridging the wounds of separation created from cultural diversity. Coming soon is Dorothea's new book: BEing IN CREATION, a multimedia book project.
A. Muse offers progressive holistic education. BEing IN CREATION WORKSHOPS and MOTIVATIONAL INTERACTIVE LECTURES (with or without the performance of songs) are offered for raising consciousness.

A. Muse offers progressive healing modalities of the 21'st century to empower individuals on how to awaken the healer within.

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