Dorothea offers concerts, workshops and lectures
for large audience venues as well as intimate settings.

Dorothea is engaged to perform in the following formats:
- holistic seminars and events
- peace conferences.
- motivational lecture settings including audience participation and the sharing of songs

Co-create with Dorothea a Single or Multi-Day Workshop of your interest
with topics from the Healing and Lecture sections.

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Professional Coaching
Helping artists to "package your image."

Dorothea's Workshops
Details from a 3-5 Day Intensive Workshop


- To Awaken your inherent creative genius.

- To Expand the experience of who you are.

- To embrace the power of change.

- To re-invent any aspect of your life at will.


- Target blocked energy patterns that inhibit forward movement, through experiential advanced energy work.

- Release blocked energy through The Gentle Breath, Sound Healing (Toning), and a physical body technique called "Unwinding."

- Through guided meditation explore balancing inner male (giver) and inner female (receiver) energies that represent personality patterns that create separation and conflict. Experience how to align & integrate them into a state of wholeness.

- Learn "The Art of Accelerated Manifestation."


- Explore your inner landscape to activate your extrasensory gifts. Learn how to use them responsibly.

- Become aware of what you intuitively Know.

- On a spiritual evolutionary path, know that everything you see before you is a reflection of some part of you.


- Self Empowerment

- Confidence

- Knowing how the patterns in the world work from understanding the patterns emerging in our personal lives.

- Gaining experiential wisdom from the Truth that lies beneath all form and the appearance of things.

- Understanding that change is possible when we alter how we perceive people and situations around us.


Dorothea's presentations . . .

- Present an innovative educational experience for people of all ages and nationalities.

- Provide a new perspective on education for professionals, parents, young adults and children.

- Empower college students with more incentive and focused energy.

- Support holistic practitioners, and medical staff with tools to feed their own spirit and those of their clients. Dorothea offers cutting edge tools of breath, sound and advanced energy healing to enhance and expand a practitioner's programs.

- Create focus, harmony, incentive and unity in the workplace by offering programs to support leaders and employees.

- Support creative people in the entertainment and advertising fields through helping to create relationships that support growth in a spirit of goodwill.


Themes Explored in Dorothea's Lectures

The experience of love begins with the self.
People look outside of themselves for acceptance and security while often missing the power of their own hearts. People see reflections of some aspects of their behavior in others - a mirror of their own issues. On the path of evolution and growth, accepting the mirror image allows us to arrive at a middle point - a still point - where judgement is replaced by acceptance, and love awakens as an experience from within. When we create that intimacy with our higher selves, we begin to see the world as a reflection of a higher love. Recriminations and emptiness are replaced with self acceptance and self worth.

I can make a difference in my life and the lives of others by becoming a Conscious Creator of the world I live in. How? By observing life as my canvas.
My life is the art, and I am the artist. I can consciously activate my Inner Creative Muse by setting clear intentions and making empowered choices toward what I desire to manifest.

Experience a progressive blueprint for wholeness that will re-define who you are in your relationship to your self and to others.
Explore inner male (giver) and inner female (receiver) archetypes, or sub-personalities, to understand what parts of yourself you need to embrace, and what parts of yourself you need to bring into balance. See how these aspects of self are mirrored in your partnerships. With a shift in perception comes the possibility for creating new behaviors and outcomes.
Experience the art of honest communication - seeing clearly the difference between our reflections and our projections.
All of these life skills empower you to reach a state of wholeness. You can only give to others what you are able to give to yourself.
Enjoy the exhilaration of the Co-Creative Relationship.

How can you tap into your natural genius?
Explore the use of will and power in creating a vision. Have the courage to believe in your dreams. Paradigms are usually accepted as truth until a new idea is introduced or invented, which may then shift the way we see our world.
Access your natural genius in that place within you where creation begins. Through a guided process, connect to the Light Body - the energy field that surrounds and penetrates every cell and organ in your body. See how your inner visions create your reality and accelerate the manifestation of your dreams.
In the process of creating your life, learn how to find a balance between the doer and the receiver.

The Birthing Process
Learn communication skills to clear emotional blocks that arise during pregnancy.
Learn meditation and energy balancing to relax and feed you and the fetus with pranic energy.
Learn Gentle Breathwork & Vocal Toning to release endorphins that ease tension and pain during labor.
Choose music for the different stages of labor, and learn how to Tone during the "transition phase" of labor.
Welcoming Baby Home
Design the baby's room with color to enhance emotional stability.
Set up a music library to soothe the baby when you leave the room.

For Children Ages 2-5
Learn how to use music and rhythm to enhance language and motor development.
Create a musical treasure chest of rhythm and melodic instruments, and use elements of music therapy to alleviate negative feelings and promote joy.


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